Wichita Police Department

Use of Force Incidents

The Wichita Police Department tracks all incidents of force used in a situation during the line of duty as part of its office of Professional Standards. This data is being made available to help establish transparency and trust between WPD and the citizens of Wichita, and is the first time this data has been made public. The reporting process is done through a self-reporting by officer through the use of Blue Team, a computer program that tracks the use of force.

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Table of Contents

Use of Force by Type of Force

Use of force by precinct/district of incident

The Wichita Police Department serves 4 districts within Wichita: Patrol North, South, East, and West. Other branches with specific focus areas are also included here.

  • Patrol East: (316) 350-3420
  • Patrol West: (316) 350-3420
  • Patrol South: (316) 350-3440
  • Patrol North: (316) 350-3400
  • Records — The central repository for all police reports.
  • Crimes Against Persons — This is an investigative unit responsible for investigating any crime involving a person such as homicide, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Gang Felony Assault.
  • Administrative Services — This is the Budget area responsible for fiscal affairs of the Department.

Officer Demographics

This chart shows the number of officers who have received one or more complaints since the first of last month. As of January 1, 2018 there are approximately 630 officers employed by WPD.

Racial breakdown in use of force

This table shows the race of resident at left and officers at top in each use of force report.

WPD participated in racial profiling research analysis in 2015, which can be viewed here: RACIAL PROFILING: PERSPECTIVES OF KANSAS LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, research analysis