Wichita Police Department

Dataset: Citizen Complaints

Last Updated August 30, 2018

Please Note: The CPCO started using a new database and process for collecting this data in January 2014. Entries prior to January 2014 were entered into an older paper form, so they are unavailable in this dataset at this time.

Fields included in this dataset and their definitions:

Field Information


This is a hashed unique identifier for a given complaint. Complaints may contain multiple allegations. When that is the case, there will be multiple entries for one incident number.

Occurred Date

The date that the incident occurred.


This is the Division that the officer was assigned to at time of the incident, such as Criminal Investigation or Administration.


This is the District, such as East District or NW District, or Branch, such as Homicide or Robbery, that the officer was assigned to at the time of the incident.


This is the shift, such as Day or Late shift, or section, such as crash investigation section, that the officer was assigned to at the time of the incident.


Some shifts contain this secondary level of detail on the officer's assignment.

Service Type

The reason for the interaction, such as Traffic Stop or Call for Service.


Who received the complaint and whether it was categorized as formal or informal.

Allegation Type

Allegations in complaints fall into a number of classes. Some classes of allegations are: Citizen Interactions, Bias Based Policing and Use of Force.


Allegations are tied to the regulations and standards which Officers are held to. Examples are: rude, demeaning and affronting language, and failure to provide name or badge number, which both fall under the allegation class of citizen interaction.


Each complaint may contain multiple allegations, such as rudeness and inappropriate language. Each allegation receives separate findings. There are four possible findings:

  • Sustained means that the investigation agreed with the allegation in the complaint. When allegations are sustained, the Chief of Police will take the appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Not sustained means that the investigation did not find evidence to prove or disprove the complaint. If allegations are found to be not sustained, the officer's name is submitted to IMPD's Early Warning system.
  • Exonerated means the incident happened, but it was lawful and proper.
  • Unfounded means that the incident happened, however not as detailed in the complaint.

Complaints that are still being investigated will be blank in this column.

Resident Race

The resident's race, with the following categories: Asian, Bi-racial, Black, Hispanic, Unknown, White.

Resident Sex

The resident's gender.

Resident Age

The resident's age at the time of the incident, if known.

Officer Race

The officer's race, with the following categories: Asian, Bi-racial, Black, Hispanic, Unknown, White.

Officer Sex

The officer's gender.

Officer Age

The officer's age at the time of the incident.

Officer Years of Service

The number of years the officer had been employed by IMPD at the time of the incident.

Officer Identifier

This is a hashed identifier used to identify the officer within this data, for example to see if an officer has received multiple complaints.

*Officer Call data represents the number of calls for service from residents that officers responded to plus the number of times officers themselves initiated a response.

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