Wichita Police Department

Citizen Complaints

The mission of the Professional Standards Bureau is to ensure that all complaints or allegations against the Wichita Police Department or any of its members are investigated in a complete, fair and impartial manner. The rights of all citizens and members of the Department shall be protected at all times during this process, and confidentiality shall be maintained at the strictest levels.

We strive to gain the trust and confidence of the citizens we serve while maintaining the highest level of integrity for the Wichita Police Department. We believe that being transparent about this process will help hold us accountable to our citizens, and in turn build and important trust between WPD and the citizens of Wichita.

Whenever a citizen feels that there is an issue with how an officer handled an investigation or interaction with that citizen we would encourage citizens to let us know. Our goal is to reduce behaviors that negatively impact the community. Every complaint is logged and reviewed by a supervisor. A complaint may lead to a more thorough investigation or it could be determined that no further action is needed. We want to maintain the trust of our community and reporting the number of complaints we receive is an important step in that process.

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Table of Contents

Complaints By Month

The current month shows complaints to date, so will not be a complete count until the month ends.

Complaints By Allegation


Complaints By Allegation Type

The WPD tracks a variety of complaints and actions that officers take. Some actions like Vehicle Pursuits and Firearm Discharges are self-reported by the officer at the time the event happens. While the majority of Vehicle Pursuits and Firearm Discharges fall within policy, this system allows us to track how officers perform in these situations and can take corrective action if necessary. Internal Investigations are investigations started by personnel within the Department, External Complaints are made from outside the Department. Finally, Citizen Contacts are a tool that allow us to accept feedback on an officers performance, and in some cases may be changed to an External Investigation.

Complaints By Disposition

Explanation of Terms

  • External Complaint: Any complaint generated from an individual outside the Wichita Police Department.
  • Internal Complaint: any complaint generated from within the Wichita Police Department.
  • Unfounded: Allegation(s) is (are) false or not factual.
  • Exonerated: Incident occurred, but was lawful and proper.
  • Non-Sustained: Insufficient evidence exists to either prove or disprove the allegation.
  • Sustained: An allegation is supported by sufficient evidence to justify a reasonable conclusion of guilt.

Complaints By Precinct

The Wichita Police Department serves 4 districts within Wichita: Patrol North, South, East, and West. Other branches with specific focus areas are also included here.

  • Patrol East: (316) 350-3420
  • Patrol West: (316) 350-3420
  • Patrol South: (316) 350-3440
  • Patrol North: (316) 350-3400
  • Records — The central repository for all police reports.
  • Crimes Against Persons — This is an investigative unit responsible for investigating any crime involving a person such as homicide, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Gang Felony Assault.
  • Administrative Services — This is the Budget area responsible for fiscal affairs of the Department.

Officer Demographics

This chart shows the number of officers who have received one or more complaints since the first of last month. As of January 1, 2018 there are approximately 630 officers employed by WPD.

Demographics of complainants and officers

This table shows the race of complainants at left and officers at top in each complaint. If a complaint names multiple officers, they are each counted here, so the numbers may be higher than total complaints filed. For example, if a citizen complaint submits allegations about both an Asian and a white officer, that would add one to both the Asian and white officer columns for the complainant’s race.

WPD participated in racial profiling research analysis in 2015, which can be viewed here: RACIAL PROFILING: PERSPECTIVES OF KANSAS LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, research analysis