Baltimore Police Department

Dataset: Citizen Complaints

Last Updated January 19, 2021

Fields included in this dataset and their definitions:

Field Information


A unique identifier for a given complaint. Complaints may contain multiple allegations, officers, and residents. When that is the case, there will be multiple rows of data for a single complaint.

Case Number

The case number of the complaint.

Service Type

The reason for the interaction that generated the complaint.

Incident Type

The type of the complaint; may be External Complaints, Internal Complaints, or Ethics.


The individual or organization that made the complaint.

Occurred Date

The date the alleged incident took place.

Received Date

The date the complaint was received.

Completed Date

The date the investigation of the allegation was completed.


The officer's assignment at the time of the incident; may be one of nine patrol districts, as well as several other assignments that have specific functions related to investigations, enforcement, and training.


The allegation that was made in the complaint.


The disposition of the complaint, if the investigation has been completed. May be Unfounded (the alleged misconduct did not occur or did not involve the subject officer), Sustained (the alleged misconduct did occur), Exonerated (the alleged conduct did occur but did not violate policies, procedures, or training), or Not Sustained (the investigation was unable to determine whether the alleged misconduct occurred).

Resident Identifier

An identifier for a resident, unique to a single complaint.

Resident Role

Whether this resident was a complainant (the person who filed the complaint) or a witness.

Resident Race

The resident's race.

Resident Sex

The resident's gender.

Resident Age

The resident's age at the time of the incident, if known.

Officer Identifier

A unique identifier for an individual officer.

Officer Race

The officer's race.

Officer Sex

The officer's gender.

Officer Age

The officer's age at the time of the incident.

Officer Years of Service

The number of years the officer had been employed by BPD at the time of the incident.